Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Inch of Geekdom

Back in March, I gave you a preview of the stamp I carved for a trading card swap.  The theme was "An Inch of Geekdom;" it had to be something you geek out on and it could only be an inch square.  Mine, of course, was an inch of the Whedonverse; Buffy and Angel's Claddagh Ring.

We all sent our 30 copies to the ringleader, who sorted them and mailed them back out to us.   

Check out these beauties.  These are all hand-carved images!

Pretty awesome array of Geek!

Pictured above: 
Row 1: My submission, Tiger Pride's "R2D2," MN Compass' "Chocolate Alchemy."

Row 2: BAC's "Subways" (whoops! I think it's upside down), Sarcasmo's "Gnomes," and Cookie Cutter's "Fenton Fanatic."

Row 3: Caffeine Engineer's "Lost," Cat Eyes' "Euro-Boardgames: Settlers of Catan," and Baqash's "Historical Roots."

Pictured above:
Row 1: Clan Castors' "Cameras," Padawan's "Qui Gon Jinn," and Maude's "Building Hugger."

Row 2: Red Cruz-sader's "Angels," VB's "2+2=10," and Red Cruz-sader's "Princess Bride."

Row 3: SHH's "It's all Geek to Me," zyrxy's "BBC TV" and Wyvern's "Godzilla."

Pictured above:
Row 1:  Mama Cache's "Word Nerd," Geometry Junkie's "Tim Burton Fan," and Silva Foot Family's "Naruto."

Row 2:  Cat Eyes' "Euro-Board Games: I Love Meeps!," SWGS's "Hi Tech Toy," and Cat Eyes' "Euro-Boardgames: Ticket to Ride."

Row 3:  Milk Money's "Avatar" (it opens), Thunderbird's "Birds" and "Jedi" by Padawan.

Pictured above:
Row 1:  Sweet n Sassy's "Harry Potter," Foraych's "Chocolate Part Deux," and Dartmoor Dreamer's "Starry Night."

Row 2: Foraych's "Chocolate," Maos' "Celtic Geek," and dancingpecan's "Fantasy's Fool."

Row 3:  zyrxy's "BBC TV 2" and Team BearCat's "Garden Geek."

Click on the pictures to make them bigger, so you can see the great details these carvers created.  I am humbled and awed.  


Ari C'rona said...

Those inchies are so cool! I have to log mine still...

*the "Jedi Padawan' one goes with Qui Gon - it's a series of two. ;o)

Niki said...

They are incredible. I'm in love with the Jack Skellington.