Monday, April 18, 2011

Flat Stanley Visits Islands of Adventure

A fellow letterboxer in Oregon posted a request for host families for their son's Flat Stanley.  Don't know who/what Flat Stanley is?  Have you been under a rock?  (then you're flat too, huh?)  Kidding!  Unless you have, or work with, elementary-aged kids, you might not know about this cute way for kids to learn all about different places in their country and the world.

So when I read the request, I volunteered to take Stanley from Oregon to Florida and go to Universal's Islands of Adventure.  Our daughter Isabel was excited to meet him and kept wanting to be the one in charge of Stanley.  We headed off yesterday and here are some pictures of what we did.  (click on the pictures to make them bigger if you'd like.) 

Welcome to Islands of Adventure, Stanley.
So dapper in his shirt and tie, isn't he?

Since this ride gets you wet, Stanley opted not to ride. 
 We headed over to a place Stanley really wanted to see.  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter section of I.O.A.

Entering Hogsmeade.

With a little help from our son Jacob,
Stanley got a look at the Hogwarts Express.

In line to ride the Dragon Challenge, Stanley poses in front of his favorite
Tri-Wizard Cup Champion's sign.

Isabel and Hedwig pose with a Dervish and Banges employee outside the store.

Hogwarts Castle!

The Hogwarts Singers.

Inside Honeydukes, Stanley wants a Chocolate frog!

Extendable ears inside Zonko's Joke Shop.

So long, Hogwarts!
 We hopped over to the Universal Studios park and did a few rides there too.

Ahhhh!  Krusty the Klown.


Time for a show at Universal Studios before we leave.
Throughout the day, people would spot Isabel with Stanley and we'd hear "Look, she has a Flat Stanley."  One lady in Honeydukes smiled as I took the picture and said "Stanley,  I remember you well."

 Stanley was exhausted but had a great time.  He's heading back home to Oregon in an envelope full of pictures and a couple of small items for him to remember his trip by.

So long Flat Stanley!  Hope you enjoyed your stay!


Niki said...

I LOVE Flat Stanley.
We get him here at the museum, too.
You did a great job with his visit.

Karma said...

Oh my goodness, it looks like Flat Stanley had an incredible adventure. Thanks again for hosting him!!