Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catch 22 with Stupid Friendster

Once upon a time, I had a blog with Friendster; a paid blog that would not allow commenting unless the person was a member, etc.  Paid!  I paid for it.  After realizing that there were free ones out there, I quickly cancelled my Friendster account and deleted my blog.  Or so I thought.

It's still out there in limbo land.  And I can't delete it because I no longer have an account with them.

But I still get e-mails in my in-box asking me to approve comments (all spam) on old blog posts.  They come to my e-mail address.   When I go to log in and ask them to "remind me of my password" I get told that the e-mail address does not exist in their data base.  The e-mail they're e-mailing me reminders to.


I went to their Blog section, to send them a note asking them to cancel it already.  In order to send them a comment, you have to log in.  With your e-mail.


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