Saturday, March 12, 2011

PRHS Concert Choir MPA Performance

M.P.A. = Musicianship Performance Assessment.  

Each high school's choral department in our district gets assessed by a panel of judges from the FVA (Florida Vocal Association.)  The MPA performances and Site reading tests were this past Thursday night at a local high school.  There were over 8 schools present and the performances ran for 6 hours.  Graded were the beginning and advanced womens' choirs, mens' choirs, mixed/concert choirs, etc.

Jacob's school was there late.  The Advanced Women, Men's Choir and Concert Choir for his school got the highest marks and are moving on to State.

Below is a video belongs to a fellow choir member, Jeremiah Jimenez (he is singing too; it's being recorded with his camera).

The first song is called "A Gaelic Blessing."  The second one is "J'entends le Moulin" and it is AWESOME!  Pay attention to the choreography.  The audience, comprised of mostly other schools' choirs and some parents, erupted when they were finished.  

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Cool. The video is not working for me right now