Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sci-Fi Hoedown: Sanctuary Season 2

After watching Season 1 of "Sanctuary," I moved on to Season 2.  Season 1 was a cliffhanger (aren't they all?) so we're catching up on what's going on with Magnus' daughter Ashley.


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Sanctuary Season 2

 So, what happened? Why did they decide to get rid of the Ashley character?  I don't read "the boards" so I really have no idea.   I don't know if it was the actress' choice or not, but out went Helen's daughter.  It was a sad thing to see Helen so torn up and the first 3 episodes deal with the struggle and the loss.

Then there's Kate Freelander, the dark-haired chipee above.  Who is a  She is annoying, sarcastic, has a chip on her shoulder, she's crass.  Yuck.  Funny thing, on this I searched the forums.  Yup, everyone pretty much hates her too.   Apparently the writers wrote her that way.  WHY?

Tesla is back and is a scream!  He has such an odd face, that actor, but he's just adorable and I love that character who rides the line between good and evil so well.

Michael Shanks is in an episode! MI..CHAEL...SHANKS, ladies!!  To that, I saw "Rawwrr."  Sadly, that character won't be recurring.  *GrumbleGrumble*

There's a fun episode with a portly superhero in a living suit, a post-apocalyptic time travel episode, being stuck in an oil rig, being accused of murder, etc. There's no real thread; the Cabal's gone.  We just have "Monster-of-the-week" episodes throughout, except for the fact that Magnus lied about getting rid of a gigantic abnormal, nicknamed Big Bertha.  We find this out in episode 7 and it finally makes its way back to haunt her in the last two episodes;  Kali pt. 1 and 2.  It was great seeing the talented Callum Blue in these two episodes.  I've been a fan of his since "Dead Like Me."

Ahhh, the last two which I have to say: What?

Two words: Bollywood Dancing.


For reals.

Enough said.

OK maybe not enough.  Really?  Really?  Dancing?  For the goddess!?  Dancing?  I pretty much laughed my butt off at that scene and the credibility of the two episodes went down the drain in those few minutes.

It's still a fun show (notwithstanding the Freelander character).  I'm still crushing on Henry, who finds out more about himself and how to control his inner monster, I still love the Big Guy, I love the Tesla character, and I don't notice the bad accent Amanda Tapping does anymore.

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Niki said...

I'm thinking her accent must have gotten better cause it didn't bother me as much in Season 2 either.
I love, loved the dance number, but i admit to having problems. :-)