Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Embarrass Your Kids: The British Accent

On this edition of  "How to Embarrass Your Kids," I'll show you how randomly doing a British accent will make your kids cringe with annoyance and discomfort.  (Because posting pictures of them that they don't like isn't bad enough!)

My son Jacob used to look like Harry Potter when he was 10-12 or so.


One evening, B.I. (Before Isabel), he and I were at the mall, eating at the food court.  Two young girls (maybe 7-8 years old) are sitting at the table next to us.  They whisper "He looks like Harry Potter!"  Of course with my bat hearing (name given to me by a former manager), I overhear and tell Jacob this.  He was used to it and rolled his eyes.

As we get up to leave, in my best (worst) British accent I say loudly, "Let's go, Daniel!"  (Daniel being the actor. And if you don't know this, you're on the wrong blog.)  Jacob just stared, shook his head and started walking away.  From me, that is.

More recently, as in last week, I called a phone number to talk with someone about an activity for Isabel.  I got voice mail.  This is a person I have never met.  So what do I do?  I left the entire message in my best (worst) British accent.  Why?  Because I'm strange and off-putting.

I later tell this to Jacob. (Isabel's really too young to embarrass yet).

The question that follows is always the same; "Whyyyyy are you so weird?"

Don't worry, son.  One day you too can embarrass your kid with your best (worst) British accent!

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