Sunday, November 1, 2009

In Concert

Thursday night was Jacob's first Choral concert. It was actually a concert showcasing all the arts at his school. There was the female choir, the male choir, the mixed choir, their version of the Glee club, dancers, singers, Jazz band, drum corps, the marching band, several dancing groups (ballet style, interpretive dancers, hip-hop dancers, Yoga dancers) and several soloists (flautists, guitar solos, tuba solos, etc.)

The audience stunk. There is no couth and manners anymore. The choir director specifically stated rules for the performance. 1) Turn your phones to mute. 2) Don't be messing with your phones (texting, updating Facebook etc.) during the performance. The light annoys your neighbors and the performers. 3) Do not leave the auditorium or come back in to the auditorium while a performance is going on. it distracts the performers. 4) Please be quiet during the performances.

Uh. Yea.

I understand this is a high school performance and a lot of the rabble-rousers were high school students, but not all of the noise was their doing. Along with the students in the crowd, several parents would yell out "LISAAAAA!! JOHNNYYYYYY!! WOOOOOOOO" when people would be on stage. People were constantly talking and moving. Young kids yelling and crying. Thank goodness Isabel was fantastic. I did have to shush her a few times when she tried talking to me during the performace, but she didn't want to run up and down the aisles or yell and scream

I felt so bad for the director. He's trying so hard to make this about the kids, their performance and professionalism. Too bad we are all a bunch of hillbillies and hoodlums to care, huh?

Below are 2 videos of the two performances Jacob took part in. His choir/piano teacher reminds me of the lead teacher on Fox's "Glee." Look at him, he's like 12. OK, not really. Jacob has him in 2 classes and he's one of his favorite teachers. He's in his mid 20's and Jake says he's super serious about music. You'll notice that not one boy is moving their hands or anything (well, I just noticed one did in the first video. Oooooh!) They are strictly told that if they move to scratch or touch their hair, etc., they're out.

There really were some great performances. Good job, students and teachers!

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Big Sis said...

Great Job Jacob.