Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Booth Babes in Panama

Ahhh, booth babes. Ok, Ok. Booth Models. Trade shows all around the world hire booth "models" to stand in their booth and attract more customers to stop by. I'm not sure how this help sales if people are just stopping by to ogle, but there you have it. A lot of them in Panama padded their butts. It's TRUE! Latin men like their ladies with ample behinds, and so they wear shiny unitards with butt padding!

A few weeks before my trip for the trade show, a female officer of the company called to speak with me. I was out to lunch, so she left a message with my boss, saying she would call back and she wanted to discuss S. American trade shows and women. I immediately knew what the concern was; that I might be treated like a Booth Babe rather than a knowledgeable member of the team with 14 years experience under my belt. She flatters me too much. I, for one, was not in the least bit worried.

Let's see why, shall we?

Booth Babes (they were really nice.)


Booth Babes (the one on the right was really snooty).


Booth Babe (We all decided she was the nicest and prettiest, as she was pretty much all real).


Are we clear?

No problem at all in the booth. Everyone who stopped by treated me with respect and courtesy.


Hendel D'bu said...

That was too funny! LOL!

You are all real, my friend!

Padded butts, eh? Well, they'd like me, then. *snicker*


Scarab said...

My vote goes for Kaaren the slayer as a booth babe very fine. Imagining outfit...

Kellis said...

That snotty girl was the least pretty of all. Go figure...

Go Kaaren the knowledgeable booth babe!