Monday, June 2, 2014


Sorry.  I just have not felt like posting. I am in a posting funk, I suppose.   The beginning of the year kind of threw me sideways with a throat-punch, and I am afraid I am still recovering.  Nothing exciting to post about, I suppose.

What's new, what's new.....

Really, I can't think. My reading has been DOWN. I've not had the heart to read.   I think I've read 4 books so far.

We did not renew our annual passes to Universal in an effort to save money, so that stinks.

Isabel made this awesome Puma diorama.

She was chosen again this year as one of two Young Authors in her class and we got to see her get her award.

And she won a library drawing.

Jacob finished his sophomore year and is working over the summer to make more money for the fall semester.  No pictures, because he hides from me, the vampire.  

That is all for now.

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Niki in Baltimore said...

Sometimes we just don't feel like posting. Nothing wrong with that.
We're still here to read whenever you feel like it.