Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Week My Body Went Whackadoo, Part 2

Wednesday was pretty much the same poo.  Whenever I would get stressed, random welts would present themselves on my face.  It was so bizarre.

On Thursday, I had an appointment with my regular doctor, but not for this. I had recently taken x-rays for shoulder pains that I had been experiencing for over 2 months, and was going in to review my results.  While in there, my face was so flushed, I felt I was radiating heat.  I stopped my doc from talking and said "Please, read this paperwork from my weekend visit.  I can't take it anymore."

She read everything, looked at my skin and asked me "Did you try Benadryl?"  I explained yes, but it was only working for an hour or so.  She then asked "Did they offer you any prescription medicine for the itch?"  I said no.  She shakes her head and prescribes me what she calls "Super-Benadryl," and had two vials of blood drawn for allergy testing.

I get my pills from CVS, take one and in half an hour...   AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Oh My Word!  The RELIEF!  And this is WHY I said in the last post that I don't like walk-in clinics!!!  WHY did they not give me this "Super-Benadryl?"  The itch was GONE.

SO MAD that I spent 4 days in misery when I could have been spared it.

The blood work was nothing new; allergic to dander and dust mites. Nothing new to me.

So we still don't know what happened.  I will randomly get splotches on my face still, but so far, so good.


Niki said...

My only question is did your laundry detergent in the last 4-6 weeks?
If you are reacting to something on your cloths it could take weeks to get bad enough to present itself.

Hope you are feeling better now.

Kellis said...

OMG, Kaaren! I'm so sorry. That looks terrible. :(