Saturday, February 9, 2013


Holy guacamole.

I'm back from getting my first ever professional massage.

I baked a cake for a company function last week  and as a surprise, they got me a $100 gift card to Massage Envy.  How excited was I? Very.

See, if someone hands me a $100 bill, check or Visa gift card, guess what I am going to do?  Right. Pay a bill, buy groceries or get clothes for my kids. I am never going to spend it on myself, please.  And I would never spend it on a massage.  It's just so....excessive.  I am very glad they got me this, because I never would have done it for myself.

I arrived at 9:45 a.m., filled out some paperwork and was in the room by 10:00 a.m. talking with the massage therapist.  She left the dim-lit room to let me undress and get on the heated table, under covers, and then came back in.

I had a choice of Soft, Medium or Deep massage.  I chose deep.  Cause I'm stupid apparently.  As a first time ever customer, I really should have said Medium.  This tiny 5' 4" 120-something pound gal can get deep into the muscle!!  It was all o.k. really until she got to my lower back and lower sides of my waists.  Then I was in pain and had to ask her to take it down a notch.  As I sit here, my lower back is still sore to the touch.

Aside from that, it was wonderful!  Wow.  I had an hour massage with mellow calming music in a dimly lit room.  With tip, I still have $41 to spend on another visit.  Granted, I got the introductory price for first-time visitors to the spa, so the next time, it will be in the $70-something range.  I'll need to spend some of my own $$ to finish using up the gift card.  They offer monthly memberships, but I am not doing that because $59 a month every month is a little crazy and I am not made of money.  Thankfully, there was no high pressure to join.   I think I'm going to save up next  for "Hot Stone Envy" to use up my gift card money.

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Niki said...

I've been telling you for years, massage is the BEST!
Always go "medium" unless something is bothering you specifically. And "light" is a nice, general tension reducer.