Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love the library. FREE BOOKS to borrow! How can you not love the library? My son volunteers at the library every other Sunday trying to get volunteer hours for a scholarship he's going for. After a few months of this, I decided, heck, why not do it too? I put in my application and about a month later, I got the call.

I'm actually working at the bookstore inside the library. Lots of libraries in Florida have bookstores run by an outside organization. Books are donated, the bookstore staff cleans them, arranges them in the shop and sells them to patrons. The books range from .25 to $3.00; a bargain! The money raised is then funnelled back to the library. The bookstore proceeds paid for the new carpeting when our library got remodeled.

I only work 4 hours every other Sunday (same schedule as my son, who works shelving stuff inside the library itself), the people are nice and I get to organize things, as I am wont to do. What FUN work for a bibliophile! The only problem? I have to STOP myself from buying the books!!

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Niki said...

When i started performing in libraries in the summer, i bought so many 10 cent books that my room was overrun. I have been on a library bookstore freeze for 5 years and STILL haven't finished the pile.
I still look at every single library that i go to, every day of the summr, though. Even if i'm not going to buy, i still love them.