Tuesday, July 21, 2009

World Without End

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Wow. This was SOME book. At over 1000 pages, this book is daunting. It is scary to behold. And it was superbly written.

Ken Follett's "World Without End" deals with the lifetime of one generation of citizens in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, England from the 1320's, though the black plague, and into about the 1360's. It's too much for me to go into. There are a wide cast of characters that start out as children. We see them grow, evolve, become serfs, knights, carpenters, nuns, and everything in between. The book goes into great details on the lives of 4 main characters and all those around them. The scheming, the lying, the loving. I cringed, I yelled, I cried and laughed. So many things happened to these people, and when you think they are finally getting a break, something else happens that kicks them in the arse. Like life, the characters take a ride on their own wheel of fortune, bringing them up to glory and success one second and down to despair, up again and down again. Over and over, but not in a manner to bore you. I was enthralled the entire time.

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