Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry New Year!

We had a great Christmas. Of which I took like 3 pictures - go figure.

After celebrating David's birthday early, Niki left on Monday morning. Monday evening, my youngest sister Lissette, her husband John and their daughter Lyric drove up from West Palm Beach after John got off of work. Lyric loves coming here because it's like a toy store threw up in here. We spent the night playing games and goofing. On Tuesday, we woke up and opened presents. The "boys" were very surprised with their Wii. Thanks go out to my nephew Jonathan for helping me locate one and getting it to me in time.

After presents, we got dressed and started cooking Christmas day dinner, which was more like a late lunch. My Tampa-Sister Jany and her husband & 2 kids came over around noon.

We had a terrific dinner, set in our new dining room with mom's old china from the 70's. the setting were beautiful, and I took exactly zero pictures of it. *sigh*


Jules said...

Congrats on your blog's new home, K! And now you guys can finally Wii! You're gonna love it. I swear. =)

Kaaren said...

Thanks Jules!

We are alreaedy loving the Wii!. Not NextGen but SO much fun!